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In January 2010, journalist Ari Melber authored a 74-page report on Organizing for America, the 13-million person grassroots network that grew out of the Obama presidential campaign.

Year One of Organizing for America: The Permanent Field Campaign in a Digital Age “offers a detailed examination of OFA,” as the Washington Post reported, drawing on “dozens of interviews with congressional staff, former Obama campaign staff and activists on the OFA list.”

The report has been covered or cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Mother Jones, Slate, National Journal, Rolling Stone, BBC and MSNBC (video below).

Daniel Galvin, a Northwestern University political scientist and author of “Presidential Party Building,” called Melber’s report “the most comprehensive and insightful account of Obama’s ‘Organizing for America’ to date.

Colin Delaney, editor in chief of, credited the report for a “terrific job of interviewing stakeholders involved in the evolution of the Obama organizing machine,” and wrote that while “the OFA list was the dog that didn’t bark” in the health care battle, “Ari’s absolutely right that long-term grassroots organizing is an potentially powerful development and something to watch.”

You can download the report PDF by clicking this link, or view it below:

Report Year One of Organizing for America Melber

MSNBC anchors Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie interview Ari Melber about his report on OFA:

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