“One of the Left’s most important young voices.”

- Mike Allen, Politico

“This clown from The Nation magazine…Stuff it, pal.”

- Rush Limbaugh, Radio host

“A fine journalist and analyst…always excellent.”

- Eric Pfeiffer, Congressional Quarterly

“An articulate attack dog…the gold standard…”

- VIBE Magazine

“One of the great new voices in liberal journalism.”

- Bill Scher, Author

Named one of the “best new pundits” of 2009

- Michael Calderone, Politico

“Melber has been doing a superb job covering [Pres. Bush]“

- Glenn Greenwald, Author and Salon writer

A “smart thinker in the field [of citizen journalism]…”

- Dan Gillmor, Author and Director of Center for Citizen Media

“What distinguishes Melber is his clear, crisp style and his bedrock understanding of the web…the type of reporting we love: engaging without snark, insightful without pomp.”

- The Stimulist

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