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Law & Public Policy

Tamir Rice Case Shows Prosecutors Twisting Grand Juries (Washington Post)

For Vets, Rehab Rather Than Prison (MSNBC)

AG Holder Speaks Out in Exclusive Interview (MSNBC)

Why Election Day no longer matters (Reuters)

Paul and Booker Join Forces to Reform War on Drugs (MSNBC)

The Weak Case Against Rick Perry (MSNBC)

Exposing Obama’s Not-So-Secret War (Politico)

Fighting the Filibuster (Reuters)

How Prisons Profit of the War on Drugs (MSNBC)

Why Won’t the GOP Talk About Affirmative Action? (Salon)

Libertarians Join Liberals to Fight Mandatory Minimums (MSNBC)

Sequester Threatens Equal Justice (MSNBC)

Is Obama Good for Black People? (Reuters)

What Happened to Post-Racial America? (Reuters)

Obama’s Miserly Use of the Pardon (MSNBC)

Bush’s 9/11 Tradeoff (The Nation)

How Roberts’ Voting Rights Opinion Could Drive Congress to Act (MSNBC)

How Congress Can Force Spying Back Within The Law (Philadelphia Daily News – co-author)

Learning from President Bush’s Mistakes (Politico)

Facebook and the National Surveillance State (TPM)

Does Facebook Own You? (The “New Privacy”) (Huffington Post)

Does Facebook Own You Forever? (The Nation)

The President’s Never-Ending Virtual Town Hall (The Nation)

Web Puts Dog-Whistle Politics on a Leash (The Nation)

About Facebook (The Nation)

Liberals More Open Than Conservatives Online (The Nation)

The People’s Press Conference (The Nation)

Obama’s Reality Show Presidency (Politico)

Obama’s Cocaine, Clinton’s Pot and The Facebook Generation (PDF)

The New Activism: Why Volunteering Declined in Campaign 08 (Harvard Publius Project)

U.S. Soldiers Blocked From Blogging (The Nation)

How to Put Our Economic Outrage to Good Use (Politico)

Free Elena Kagan (The Nation)

Dodd Takes on Michael Moore (The Daily Beast)

Why The New Torture Defense is a Good Offense (CBS News/The Nation)

Learning from President Bush’s Mistakes (Politico)

The GOP’s Hip Hop Makeover (The Nation)

Who Cares What The Terrorists Want in Iraq? (Philadelphia Daily News)

Lieberman Democrats Have No Place in Opposition Party (The Forward)

Dean Offers New Ideas to Democrats (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Obama, Race and the Presidency (The Nation)

Court Raises Stakes on Health Care Law (Politico)

Prevention is Not Always the Best Medicine (Politico)

To Understand Obama, Do the Math (Politico)

Politics & Campaigns

Tapping E-Mail List, Obama Hammers GOP on Taxes and Discharge (The Nation)

ALEC’s alienating political agenda (Politico)

Iowa Is Over (The Atlantic)

Press, Public Need to Keep Obama Open (Politico)

D.C. Insiders Not Doing Obama Any Favors (Politico)

Obama Always Loses (Huffington Post)

McCain Plays Gender Card in Pig Ploy (TWI)

Obama Targets bin Laden, Defends Constitution & Shames Palin (TWI)

Obama’s Wide Net (The Nation)

Obama’s YouTube Speech Tops TV Ratings (Huffington Post)

Obama’s Bush Rebuttal Breaks Another YouTube Record (Huffington Post)

For Gingrich Gaffe, Video Killed the Video Star (The Nation)

Obama Keeps Darker Secrets than Romney (Salon)

Battling over what the vote means (Politico)

The Tea Party’s Social Agenda (Politico)

Bark is Worse than Bite on Reform? (Politico)

Confronting the Coded Racism of Donald Trump (The Nation)

New Congress Begins with Charades and Debt Threats (The Nation)

Gingrich: The Most Serious Joke in the GOP Presidential Race (The Nation)

Extremism becomes Norm on Holder (Politico)

New Gingrich’s ‘historic’ campaigns (Politico)

Look at the Numbers: Voters will back Barack Obama (Politico)

Why do Liberal Attacks on the Tea Party Echo Attacks on Liberals? (The Nation)

Promises Kept and Broken, One Year Later (The Nation)

Plouffe Counters Obama’s Healthcare Critics (The Nation)

Looking Back at Year One of Organizing for America (The Nation)

Organizing for America: The Birth of the “Permanent Field Campaign” (e.politics)

Internet & Technology

Why Romney is Losing the Meme Election (The Nation)

Can Egypt’s Internet Movement be Exported? (The Nation)

YouTubing the Election (The Nation)

Obama’s Web-Savvy Voter Plan (The Nation)

McCain’s Unfiltered Blog (TechPresident)

McCain’s YouTube Problem (TWI)

MySpace, MyPolitics (The Nation)

YouTube Reinstates Blocked Video of Child Allegedly Tortured in Syria (The Nation)

The Secret to Facebook’s IPO Value (The Nation)

Three Reasons the Internet Backlash Worked Against Progressive Car Insurance (The Nation)

Caught on Tape: Obama Adviser Explains how to Control Media (The Nation)

What Does the Kony Viral Video Say About Us? (The Nation)

Rupert Murdoch 2.0! (The Nation)

The Left Never Left Obama (The Nation)

The Antisocial Network (The Nation)

The Sociology of Political Blogs: An Interview with Yochai Benkler (The Nation)


The Amorality of ‘Django Unchained’ (The Atlantic)

The Terrible Insight of ‘House of Cards’ (The Atlantic)

The Petty Politics of ‘House of Cards’ (Salon)

Ex-WashPo Blogger Wrong About Why He Was Wrong (The Nation)

‘SiCKO’ Criticisms Echo Old Attacks (Politico)

Media Blows Debt Crisis Coverage with Balance Bias (The Nation)

Jay-Z Re-enters Kanye-Bush Fight: Katrina was Like Selma (Huffington Post)

After White House Invite, Conservatives Got Tough on Soft Rapper (The Nation)

Bill O’Reilly Raps: NYT Discovers Talk Radio-Hip Hop Nexus (The Nation)

Georgetown Professor Explains his New Class on Jay-Z (The Nation)

The Most Powerful Liberal in America? (The Nation)


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Melber authored a 74-page report on Organizing for America, the 13-million person grassroots network that grew out of the Obama presidential campaign, in 2010.  Year One of Organizing for America: The Permanent Field Campaign in a Digital Age “offers a detailed examination of OFA,” as the Washington Post reported, drawing on “dozens of interviews with congressional staff, former Obama campaign staff and activists on the OFA list.” The report has been covered or cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, Mother Jones, Slate, National Journal, Rolling Stone, and the BBC. You can download the report PDF by clicking this link.